OK Google, what are the top stories?

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Getting Started

Enable the CityFALCON skill (one-time process). Currently we support only US and UK English for voice commands. See language coverage for content.

1) Go to your Google Assistant app

2) Say "OK Google, talk to CityFALCON"

3) Google will ask you to link CityFALCON to Google

4) Sign in to your CityFALCON account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one now by clicking the button below:

Get Started

Activate and Use the Google Action

Say "OK Google, talk to CityFALCON" to activate the Action.


What you can do with CityFALCON on Google Home and Google Assistant right now:
What are the top stories for Apple?
What are the latest stories on my watchlist?

Note: You can filter the stories by the story order and time period.

Time period options:

Last 5 minutes

Last 15 minutes

Last hour

Last day

Last week

Last month

Story order options:



What are trending stocks during last day?
What is trending in the market?

Note: You can find trending topics by asset class and time period.

Asset class options:




Foreign exchange

Time period options:

Last 15 minutes

Last hour

Last day

What are the top stories for the last week for Elon Musk?
What are the trending foreign exchange stories in the last 15 minutes?
Create a new watchlist called “My Stocks”.
Add Apple to my watchlist.
Delete Apple from my watchlist.
Delete my watchlist called “My Stocks”.

You can add and delete stocks only from an active watchlist. Activate a watchlist with “What are the top news on “Watchlist name””

It is easier to use the web or mobile apps when managing a lot of topics.


Have more questions? Need more answers?
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Access on other devices

If you want access to more features while we improve the voice capabilities, please try us out on other devices.

What the Future Holds

Push notifications - get notifications for what is going on with your portfolio.

Bookmarks - save interesting stories for reading later.

Stories sharing - send the stories you like directly to your email.

Languages - talk to CityFALCON in your mother tongue and get news in your selected language.

This is just a start, and we will continue to improve the experience with our platforms and add new features for our users. Don't hesitate to leave us your feedback. We value every opinion .

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